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生産者             カサ・デ・ブルビア

ブドウ品種       メンシア100%

樹齢                 50 - 80

アルコール度     13.5%

タイプ              フルボディ


Tasting Notes

These vineyards, with an age range spanning 50 to 106 years, are subject to husbandry activities such as green harvesting and leaf thinning with the aim of increasing the potential of the grapes at the very top of the bunch, an area referred to as - los Hombros – or the “shoulders”, from where this magnificent wine gets its name.

This wine boasts a vivacious, quite extraordinary colour; the combination of violet highlights and brilliant hue indicate that “Hombros” has the right level of acidity needed to age with elegance. The nose displays very fine ageing notes of vanilla, coconut, cooking chocolate, and pipe tobacco, accompanied by plenty of fruit compote, all reaching a perfect balance. Very full in the mouth, succulent, no rough edges, and elegant tannins.

Winery name             Casar de Burbia
Type of wine              Full Body, aged 12 months in french oak
Grape variety             Mencia
Age of vine                 50 - 80 years
Alcohol %                   13.5%